RIENTEC GmbH provides services in wind energy offering end-to-end engineering solutions worldwide. RIENTEC’s flexible services at competitive prices have benefited the governments, other stakeholders and especially the landowners. Our experts are specialized in offering wind energy services covering the entire project life cycle starting from feasibility studies to design, develop, built, operate and maintain the wind farms.

Wind Energy Solutions​

  • Feasibility Study
  • Wind Energy Strategic Planning
  • Site Selection & Assessment
  • Return on Investment Analysis
  • Grid Assessment
  • Vendor Selection​

On-shore and Off-shore Wind Farms

  • Wind Assessment
  • Remote Sensing
  • Design and Development
  • Power Performance Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Overall Technical Support Services​

  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Documentation Support
  • Procurement & Installation Support
  • Operation & Maintenance Support