Consulting Services
Using a combination of international domain experts and with experts who understand local market / industry conditions, RIENTEC provides consulting services ranging from strategy planning, feasibility studies, design & development and solving specific problems faced in the industry.

Analytical Services
RIENTEC considers data to be the backbone for making decisions for the company’s continued success. This is now a service provided to our customers. RIENTEC uses data collection techniques considered best in class and combines this with analytical tools widely recognized in the market.

Implementation Services
RIENTEC capabilities include implementing the recommendations made through our consulting and analytical services. Our project implementations range from multi-million dollar projects such as power plants through to smaller projects such as strategic initiatives. Our people are experienced Project Managers that leverage proven processes and methodologies that help protect investments, maximize time and value and minimize project risk.

Maintenance Services
On completion of projects RIENTEC takes responsibility for maintenance. Our maintenance services include Operations & Maintenance of plant equipment, sourcing replacement parts and consumables, and overhaul of current systems.